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Hans, 46 (U.K.)
"... I was a long time sufferer of dull orgasm. Now when I cum it feels like my cock and balls are exploding with pleasure. My wife can hardly keep up.."

Mike, 34 (CA)
"I always dreamt of shooting like a porn star now I can! my girl cannot eat as much cum as I can shoot. She really loves it when it starts pouring out. She also told me that the flavour of my cum has greatly improved, and now she cant get enough! "

James, 36 (AZ)
These pills are great! It's no joke, they actually work. It does take a while before they really start to kick in, but you really do notice a big difference in sperm volume

JC, 58 (U.S.A)
Your product is the best thing that has ever happened to me, thanks a lot!

I tried 3 or 4 different brands of sperm enhancers before finnaly finding the spermomax brand sperm pills, and I would rate these a 9 out of 10.

Other semen enhancers I have taken either didn't work at all, or they made my cum smell funny and not in a good wayí Out of all the so called sperm pills I have taken. Spermomax is the only pill that actually does improve the flavor and gives very noticable results. The only side effect I have noticed is that they gave me a wet dream. which if you ask me, has to be a good sign. Iím in my 40ís now and cant remember the last time I had a wet dream. itís been atleast 20 years. THX Spermomax, your pills rock!

Calvin, 32 (Wellington New Zealand)
... I'm gay, and the boys are really impressed with my load volume. Thanks to Spermomax, I'm now shooting about 3 mouth fulls, this keeps them coming back for more!.."

Mathew, 32 (California)
I Ordered some cum pills from you guys. My girlfriend loves it!

Bong, 38 (New York)
Sir, your product works like no other. It has turned me into the lover I always wanted to be.

Joseph, 59 (Ontario CA)
You guys are amazing with your delivery and customer service and your product actually DOES work. I have been married for the last 23 years and never in our marriage could we achieve the pleasure we can today. All because I am climaxing and performing the way I never have. My wife loves it and I love it more. Thanks for this great product.

Carl, 44 (arizona)
Thanks for opening my eyes about Decreased Ejaculate Volume. I had suffered from erectile dysfunction for years, and my doc told me that due to other medication I take that I shouldn’t take Viagra. I have been taking sperm pills to increase my ejaculation for a couple months now and it has completely solved my problem. My climax is bigger than you can believe and I can have sex and reach orgasm 3 Plus times a night.

Joe, 39 (Auckland)
I have one wife and two mistresses to satisfy. This can be very energy draining. If it wasnít for Spermomax I wouldnít be able to keep up. Thanks guys!

Matt, 35 (Ireland)
..Since taking your Spermomax, my endurance has increased, thank you!

Jason, 29 (Canada)
... I cannot believe how good my semen has become. It is a thick blob that shoots like a rocket. My wife says she can feel the force with which my semen hits her inside, which earlier she couldn't even feel. I am loving it, and so is she.

Karl, 24 (Illinois)
.. Having a very busy work load + the stress of 4 kids, I found I was too tired for sex. But now that I'm on Spermomax, my sex drive has never been better...

Shane, 35 (Nelson)
.... my cum volume has tripled during the 3 months of taking Spermomax. I have no hesitation, in recommending this to anyone.

Lance, 22 (Aus.)
... My girlfriend says that the flavour of my cum has greatly improved. I love it because now Iím getting more blowjobs!

Jojo, 42 (U.S.A)
.... When on Spermomax I'm always ready for sex, which is lucky cause my wife is 15 years younger and I don't want to have her running off to younger men.. "

Max, 50 (Germany)
... Thanks Spermomax! Now I can rock my girls world

Craig 40 (Oregon)
"Spermomax is great! I havent had such big orgasms since I can remember"

Rob 36 (New York)
"... Thanks for the great product, now im always at the top of my game.

James 36 (AZ)
These pills are great! It's no joke, they actually work. It does take a while before they really start to kick in, but you really do notice a big difference in sperm volume

Mathew 32 (California)
I Ordered your cum pills and I have got to say. My girlfriend loves it!

Adrian, 46 (Phil.)
For the past 5 years, I have noticed, not only my sperm volume decreasing, but also the sensation during orgasm. This is why I gave Spermomax a try, and I must say the pills are absolutely amazing! Its like I'm 20 years younger.